Water symposium: At the intersection of water and code

“Water resources management” is a topic that immediately draws one’s mind to geography and infrastructure. But at the UNESCO water symposium, held this year in Rabat, Morocco, from October 28-31, the focus is on software.

How can African and Arab countries deploy Free and Open-Source Software to collect, process, analyze, and use data in order to make water management processes more sustainable?

The software on display—and accompanied by trainings—include programs to assess supply and demand at global and regional levels; the WINS platform, which aggregates water resource GIS data; FREEWAT, a program focused on groundwater flows; SWAT, which helps to estimate the environmental impact of land use and climate change; AquaCrop, which simulates how water stress effects crop yields; and Sumo, which models scenarios for processing wastewater.

Courses on how to use and implement these software models will be conducted by experts like Ann van Griensven and Celray James Chawanda (SWAT), Dirk Raes (AquaCrop), and Imre Takacs (Sumo).

The conference is sponsored in partnership with the Free University of Brussels, the region of Flanders, Sant’Anna University, Catholic University of Leuven, Hope Initiative, the Open Water Network, and Dynamita.

More information: https://en.unesco.org/events/open-water-symposium-2019