About us

about us

Who we are

20 Questions about water was born from the partnership between 20 Questions to the World and Nestlé Waters

20 Questions to the World is a non-profit humanist documentary which aims at better understanding our world and fostering a sense of global community. Since 2016, they have already asked the same 20 open questions to almost 1,000 people worldwide, from 80 nationalities. Their first conclusion is that we are much more human than we think. 
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Nestlé Waters is the leading water bottling company in the world. Water stewardship is at the heart of their strategy. They are committed to protect and preserve water resources and to develop beginning-to-end plastics solutions to help eliminate the impact of packaging on the environment. 
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Our vision

Water preservation, access to water, plastic pollution and other related topics have become issues of prime importance hitting the headlines all around the world. With an ever-increasing number of sources of information, one can easily feel confused on how we should address these challenges, and why. 

20 Questions about water is a media platform which aims at transparently exploring the many water challenges that we face today. 

Our approach

To ensure that we are addressing the subjects that really matter, we spend a lot of time on the field, to meet and talk to people. We have already asked questions about water in video to more than 400 hundred people around the world, from 70 nationalities.

To ensure a diversity of points of views, we also meet with water experts from various backgrounds: NGOs, large corporations, public institutions, scientists etc. You will find their interviews and videos in the “Water People” section.

To ensure that the information is accessible and understandable to everyone, we create a great variety of contents: short stories, deep analyses, infographics, videos, interviews, photo documentaries etc. We want everyone to be able to make up its own opinion about these fundamental topics.

Why 20 Questions?

We have collected 1500+ answers about water from people around the world of various social profiles. When analysing the answers, we selected the 20 most discussed topics, that we turned into questions. We are convinced that it is only all together that we can find answers. These 20 Questions are the core of this media website, which of course raise many other questions that we address in the articles: 

  1. What does water represent to us?
  2. What are the benefits of a good hydration?
  3. What is the right quantity of water to drink everyday?
  4. Glass or plastic?
  5. What is the future of water containers?
  6. How to recycle more plastic bottles?
  7. How to better preserve water?
  8. How to stop polluting water?
  9. How can everyone have access to fresh clean water?
  10. What are ways to re-use plastic bottles?
  11. How to make it easier for people to recycle?
  12. Water: public or private?
  13. What are simple ways to save water?
  14. What does it mean to recycle plastic bottles?
  15. How do plastic bottles get recycled?
  16. Are we going to run out of water?
  17. Use, reuse, recycle or stop plastic bottles?
  18. Should we get rid of plastics?
  19. Water: local or global?
  20. What are the impacts of global warming on water?


Cyril Bruyelle, founder of 20 Questions to the World, explains where the idea of 20 Questions about Water comes from:


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Should you have any request or comment, you can always write us here: [email protected]

We wish you a pleasant reading and watching