What you actually save by recycling plastic bottles

By recycling PET plastic bottles, you can help save energy and water all while reducing carbon emissions.

We all know that recycling is good, but sometimes that idea becomes abstract. What does it really mean when you put a plastic bottle in the recycling bin instead of the trash?

For every ton of recycled PET*—that’s 16,000 bottles, an amount that a neighborhood could easily go through in a year—here’s what we save:

  • A full year of energy consumption for two French households;
  • 670 liters of water—enough for 33 dishwasher cycles;
  • And, by far the most significant impact, it helps avoid two tonnes of carbon di-oxide from being released into the atmosphere, or roughly the equivalent of driving 21,500 fewer kilometers!

What’s more, the recycled bottles—caps on, please!—have a second life as new things. 4 recycled bottles are needed to make 3 new bottles; 15 to make a shirt, 20 for a pillow, and 67 for a towel.*

So, next time you put your plastic bottle into a recycling bin, think about the double benefit: it prevents plastic bottles from ending up in landfills, incin-erators, or in the oceans, and helps reduce the resources needed to produce things like bottles, shirts and towels from scratch.

*According to Citeo, French Waste Management Organism