Conference on Waste Management in Malaysia

With total waste generation in Southeast Asia set to triple by 2050 due to steep population growth, sustainable waste management is a key challenge. The "Future of Sustainable Waste Management" conference, from 26-27 November 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, brings together policy experts to discuss potential solutions.

How can the Asia Pacific region harness the potential of technology to transform the way it does waste management? The scale of the problem is the first challenge: according to the World Bank’s estimates, the waste produced by low-income countries is set to triple by 2050. The Asia Pacific region alone is responsible for 23 percent of global solid waste—more than any other region in the world.

The conference will provide an overview of the different ways in which sustainable waste management can be bolstered in the region—from revamping policy, to combating illegal plastic waste. Various tracks will be discussed: ‘Planning to Cutting-Edge Policy - Waste Management Transformation to Establish a Green Nation’, ‘Redesigning the Failing Recycling System’, ‘Closing the Loop in the Industrial Sector’, ‘Where Disruptive Innovations Meet Waste Management’ and ‘Powering Change - Waste to Energy Horizons’.

After the conference, a workshop will be conducted by experts such as Dr. Mohd Pauze Bin Mohamad Taha (SWCorp), Ruzlisham Bin Mat Diah (MIDA) and Dr. Uzir Bin Abdul Malik (SWM Environment). Together with audience members, these experts will outline the multitude and complexity of factors involved in the preparation of Waste to Energy projects. The workshop will focus on how to use waste as fuel for power generation, as well as which technologies are best-served to mitigate the various risks and liabilities related to that process.

The conference is hosted by the Waste Management Sustainability Forum and is sponsored in partnership with the Oxford Business Group, GreenTech Malaysia, and several other partners.

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