World Water Week to focus on inclusion

Organized annually by the Stockholm Water Institute since 1991, World Water Week always ad-dresses a particular theme in order to structure the conversation it promotes.

This year’s theme is "Water for society - Including all" and draws on the UN’s 2019 focus on "no-one left behind" for World Water Day. 

Over 300 organizations will come together from August 25-30 to discuss water and development. Specifically, panels will tackle water related challenges to the environment, public health, climate change, and poverty reduction, and how to work towards achieving the 2030 targets for the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

As part of its commitment to inclusion, World Water Week is aiming to have at least 40% of panelists and speakers be women, and for at least one presenter in every conference session to be a young professional under the age of 35.

During World Water Week, there will be numerous opportunities to network and make connections that can help spur professional creativity and innovation.

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