Water, Waste and Energy Management Congress

Is there a way to design the infrastructure that supplies our homes with water and energy, and carries away our waste, to be more efficient, sustainable, and even to positively impact each other?

During the final week of July 2019, researchers from around the world will gather in Paris for the 5th International Congress on Water, Waste, and Energy Management, and provide answers to that question.

Organized by the University of Madrid, University of Extremadura, and University of Las Palmas Gran Canaria, and hosted by the University of Paris, the conference will offer an opportunity for researchers and industry to exchange ideas and expertise on the following topics, among others:

  • Efficient management of water supplies
  • Managing agricultural, medical, urban, industrial, and dangerous waste
  • Recycling and converting waste to energy
  • Renewable energies and designing urban landscapes for ecology

The conference will provide special opportunities for young researchers in particular to present their papers and to submit them to International Congress Journals.

More information: waterwaste-19.com