Water Leaders Summit 2019

Business leaders, entrepreneurs, governmental entities and academics are gathering from June 26th to 27th in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA, to look for emerging water technologies and new business opportunities.

The annual Water Leaders Summit, hosted by The Water Council and now in its 12th year, brings together industry leaders, researchers, representatives from government and “futurologists” to confront the biggest current and impending challenges around water. Rather than proposing a set of technical panels, the Milwaukee conference is known for its ’liberal arts’ style approach to curated conversations—four plenary sessions combining a “story starter” with a moderated conversation. For example, this year’s panels include discussions on “hidden water,” and the water challenge to the 1969 lunar landing mission.

Following this year’s theme of “Rethinking Water,” participants are invited to reconsider:

  • Water use in Business operations
  • Water investing
  • Water in agriculture
  • Risks, stewardship, and valuing water
  • Delivering access to safe water for more people

Begun in 2007, the Water Leaders Summit draws participants from all over the world. In the past, it has addressed topics like water resiliency for cities, water security as a creative tool for advancement, and revolutions in water technology. It takes place in Milwaukee, which, on the coast of Lake Michigan, is in the direct proximity of the 20% of the world’s fresh water that is contained in the Great Lakes.

More information: https://thewatercouncil.com/events/water-summit/